Tips for a healthier Easter

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Easter: Easter doesn’t have to be all about consuming too much chocolate.Nutritionist Colette Heimowitz has shared her top tips and interesting facts to help people plan a healthier Easter long weekend.


It takes 30 minutes of brisk walking to burn off one medium 25 gram Easter egg.

Eating every few hours maintains blood sugar and energy levels and help keep your appetite under control.

Natural healthy fats will help the absorption of important fat soluble vitamins like A,D and K.

Low carbohydratechocolate(such as Atkins’ Endulge bar range) contain up to 90% less sugar than regularchocolate, which means you can enjoy a tasty treat without the insulin spike afterwards.

An 85 gram traditional hot cross bun takes 85 minutes of surfing, or 30 minutes of stair climbing to burn off.

Gift giving at Easter is growing, with clothing, books and toy retailers stoking their shelves with Easter- themed items.According to Ryan Lin, Senior IBISWorld Analyst, chocolatespending is expected to lose ground to other spending segments, with consumers now more likely to seek out other gifts and festive experiences beyond just Easter eggs and otherchocolates.


Include energetic activities in your long-weekend plans. Organise an Easter egg hunt (for novelty items, not justchocolateeggs), play a family game of soccer, go for a walk or bike ride, or clear the lounge room for a Twister tournament.

Make low carb choices and base your Easter menu around seafood, plenty of leafy green salads and low sugar fruit for dessert. Following a structured program, such as the Atkins Nutritional Approach, can assist in educating you about the carbohydrate values of foods, and how many carbohydrates you can consume to control and maintain a healthy weight.

Eat regularly. That’s right, no starving. Eat three regular-sized meals plus two snacks each day over the Easter break, or if you prefer, have four or five small meals.Eat until you’re satisfied but not stuffed.

Enjoy foods with natural fats such as avocado and salmon. Natural fats are filling and will keep you satisfied longer.

Opt for low sugar treats, or get the family together and whip up your own low sugar Easter treats.

Select whole-grain hot-cross buns – or make your own low carbohydrate hot-cross buns at home.

Give – and request – small gifts rather thanchocolateeggs for Easter. Games, books, DVDs and toys can help create a fun and entertaining long weekend.

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