Season chock-full of caring, sharing

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Mankia Dadson says: I nearly liked the holiday (Easter) more than Christmas because it meant chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and even dinner.I REMEMBER waking up bright and early on Easter Sunday when I was younger.

I nearly liked the holiday more than Christmas because it meant chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and even dinner.

My brother and I would spend about 15 minutes scrummaging around our caravan at Ulverstone – we were always at our beach home for Easter – picking up all the tiny eggs we could find.

We were always amazed that the Easter Bunny could find us wherever we were, and one year we even swore we saw traces of the magical creature and his helpers.

Pawprints were all over the fence behind our caravan.

There were big prints, which were the Easter Bunny’s, our detective little minds uncovered, and the small prints were his helpers.

(He needs helpers to do it all in the one night!)

About seven years later, Mum and Dad told us the prints were actually from our greasy hands touching the fence while playing tag the previous day.

We didn’t believe them. “It was definitely the Easter Bunny,” we thought.

A lot has changed since those egg-hunting days, but the one tradition that remains is spending time with family and friends and sharing.

Most people celebrate Easter for different reasons – perhaps the most important thing is it’s a time to appreciate the gift of sharing.

Whether that’s sharing Easter eggs, sharing thanks, sharing the roads safely with other drivers, or just sharing stories with one another.

Yes, the holiday has become a bit too commercialised.

Seeing Easter eggs in supermarkets straight after Christmas freaks me out a bit.

But at the same time, many retail outlets are simple “sharing” the love.

On social media in the past few days I’ve seen many retail stores sharing pictures or post saving “20 per cent off, Happy Easter.”

While technically they are cashing in on a Christian holiday, they are also doing something important – sharing.

It’s important to think of the act of sharing especially at a time like Easter.

Maybe this Easter, I may even share some of my Easter chocolates, but you’d have to be lucky.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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