Jack Hale advances to Stawell Gift semi-finals

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MADE IT: Despite finishing second in a slow heat, Tasmanian teenager Jack Hale advanced to the semi-finals at the Stawell Gift. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRITEENAGE sprint ace Jack Hale is through to the semi-finals at the Stawell Gift despite failing to win his heat.

There were 22 heats featuring more than 100 athletes at Stawell’s Central Park race track on Saturday, but Hale was clearly the one everybody wanted to see.

A hush came over the crowd when the 16-year-old Tasmanian walked to the starting blocks.

Set a tough handicap of just 2.25 metres, Hale was the backmarker in his race.

He got a good start and put in a gutsy effort, but was unable to chase down Thornbury’s Bikramjeet Singh.

His time of 12.477 seconds was enough to see him through to the semi-finals as one of the fastest losers.

Hale rose to prominence last year when he ran the fastest 100-metre time by an Australian male.

The schoolboy said he enjoyed the atmosphere of running at Stawell, but would need to improve his second 60 metres of the 120-metre race in the semi-finals.

Only one Wimmera sprinter represented the region in the men’s gift.

Goroke native Duncan Cameron raced in heat three, but did not make it to the final after finishing fifth off a tough handicap of 7.5 metres.

An error with the electronic system in Cameron’s heat meant he was given a hand-timed 12.60 seconds.

Luke Houlihan, one of the pre-race favourites to take out the gift, turned in one of the most impressive performances of the day.

He ran a blistering 12.074 seconds to stamp himself as one to beat.

Tim Eschebach, another pre-race favourite, switched off well before hitting the line and looked to have plenty in reserve for the finals.

Ararat’s Marcus Cooper competed in the veterans’ 100-metre handicap, finishing second in his heat.

The semi-finals of the veterans’ handicap will be run on Sunday.

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WDFNL: Winners and losersRESULTS

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East Warrnambool midcourter Andrea Brady catches a pass against South Rovers at Walter Oval.WARRNAMBOOL & DISTRICT FOOTBALL NETBALL LEAGUE



Kolora-Noorat 5.5, 11.13, 19.19, 26.24 (180)

Deakin University Sharks 1.3, 1.4, 1.4, 1.5 (11)

GOALS, Kolora-Noorat : Joseph Kenna 7, George O’Sullivan 2, Nicholas Kenna 2, Joseph Conheady 2, Damien Wynd 2, Jake Richardson 2, Mitchell Carlin 2, Martin Wynd 2, Jonathon Gleeson 1, Ben Kenna 1, Paul McSween 1, Benjamin Reid 1, Justin Hicks 1 Deakin University Sharks : Mitchell Hodgson 1

BEST, Kolora-Noorat : Joseph Kenna, Jonathon Gleeson, Joseph Conheady, Matthew Fidge, Jake Richardson, Josef O’Sullivan Deakin University Sharks : Ashley Johnstone, Aiden Bourke, James Crawford, Bradley Rogers, Jordan Lahy, Mitchell Hodgson


Merrivale 4.2, 5.4, 9.5, 15.6 (96)

Old Collegians 3.4, 5.5, 6.6, 7.9 (51)

GOALS, Merrivale : Jet Dowie 7, Rhys Raymond 3, Lachlan Kelly 2, Peter Makarona 1, Alister Porter 1, Hamish Gurry 1 Old Collegians : Nathan Forth 2, Josh Dwyer 1, Colby Rix 1, Chris Chambers 1, Joshua Walsh 1, Jamie McKenzie 1

BEST, Merrivale : Jet Dowie, Rhys Raymond, Alister Porter, Joshua Sobey, Manny Sandow, Matthew Gleeson Old Collegians : Josh Dwyer, Aaron Williams, Luke McGennisken, Jamie McKenzie, James Ryan, Zachary Pickett


Timboon Demons 3.1, 8.7, 13.10, 20.14 (134)

Russell’s Creek 3.1, 6.2, 8.6, 13.10 (88)

GOALS, Timboon Demons : Brendan Hickey 5, Andrew Hargreaves 3, Thomas Hunt 2, Grant Mitchell 2, Dylan Cahill 1, Bevan Marr 1, Bayley Thompson 1, Marcus Hickey 1, Luke Davison 1, Benjamin Saunders 1, Jack Osborne 1, Eddie Gaut 1 Russell’s Creek : Jackson Chatfield 3, Dylan Jongebloed 3, Marcus Askew 2, Bradley Everall 2, Ty Clarke 1, Patrick O’Brien 1, Allie Clarke 1

BEST, Timboon Demons : Brendan Hickey, Ashley Hunt, Jeffrey Rosolin, Andrew Hargreaves, Luke Davison, Thomas Hunt Russell’s Creek : Aaron McInnes, Izaac Dwyer, Shaun McDougall, Allie Clarke, Jackson Chatfield, Ty Clarke


South Rovers 7.8, 11.9, 14.14, 16.18 (114)

East Warrnambool. 1.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.6 (30)

GOALS, South Rovers : Mark Murphy 7, Nathan Krepp 2, Josh Bell 2, Harry Ponting 2, Daniel Threlfall 1, Reece Cracknell 1, Jess McCosker 1 EWFNC Ryco Bombers : Jordan Collins 1, Cody Mailes 1, Justin Millet 1, Chris Edwards 1

BEST, South Rovers : Mark Murphy, Julian Claridge, Harry Ponting, Luke Payne, Daniel Threlfall, Josh Bell. East Warrnambool: Thomas Hopkins, Chris Edwards, Jordan Collins, Blake Rudland-Castles, Jayden Millet , Kevin Moloney


Dennington 2.1, 6.3, 8.4, 11.4 (70) Nirranda 1.2, 2.5, 5.8, 8.15 (63)

GOALS, Dennington : Alexander Pye 7, Sam Curtis 2, Darcy Lewis 1, John Vincent 1 Nirranda : Rick Spokes 4, Jesse Dalton 2, Jack Spokes 1, Mitchell Couch 1

BEST, Dennington : Chris Vickery, Alexander Pye, Justin Wallace, Shane Graham, Luke Moutray, Timothy Chatfield Nirranda : Adam Atkinson, John Paulin, Daniel Craven, Nick Walsh, Luke Parsons, Bronte McCann


Allansford 3.4, 15.14, 17.15, 23.17 (155)

Panmure 5.5, 5.6, 6.8, 10.9 (69)

GOALS, Allansford : Brenton Webster 5, David Pullen 3, Sam Holloway 2, James Keane 2, Xavier Mills 2, Nicholas Johnstone 2, Justin Nowell 2, Brett Hunger 2, Luke Irving 1, Bradley Williams 1, Justin Fedley 1 Panmure : David Haynes 4, Paddy Mahony 2, Timothy Condon 1, Ben Meade 1, Shaun Griffin 1, Lachlan Moir 1

BEST, Allansford : Brenton Webster, Xavier Mills, Nicholas Johnstone, Leatham Robe, Jeremy Ellis, Luke Irving Panmure : Thomas White, Shaun Griffin, Louis Kew, Thomas Wright, Brady Purcell, Jackson Lowe



Kolora-Noorat 5.2, 9.7, 14.10, 17.15 (117)

Deakin University Sharks 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.2 (2)

GOALS, Kolora-Noorat : Jeremy Duynhoven 4, Zack Bartlett 3, Jacob Lee 2, Dale Evans 2, Patrick Glennen 2, Michael Tebble 1, Jack Kenna 1, Nathan Cahir 1, Thomas Cheslett 1 Deakin University Sharks :

BEST, Kolora-Noorat : Timothy Reid, Jason Blackley, Thomas Cheslett, Zack Bartlett, Michael Tebble, Andrew Smith Deakin University Sharks : Mitchell McMaster, Brendan Clarke, Timothy Wall, Sam Weston, David Atkinson, Jason Lehmann


Old Collegians 3.7, 4.8, 6.9, 7.11 (53)

Merrivale 0.1, 3.3, 5.6, 6.11 (47)

GOALS, Old Collegians : Jed Rodgers 2, Matthew Petherick 2, Bradley Howlett 1, Joe Kenna 1, Timothy Edwards 1 Merrivale : Matthew Auld 2, Jesse Trigg 2, Dion Romaniszyn 1, Justin Carroll 1

BEST, Old Collegians : Daniel Weel, Timothy Edwards, Jed Rodgers, Matthew Petherick, Joe Kenna, Jason Moloney Merrivale : Claye Cassidy, Jyles Lebler, Matthew Dowd, James Cook, Sam Inverarity, Joshua Keilar


South Rovers 2.3, 7.10, 11.14, 14.15 (99)

EAST WARRNAMBOOL2.4, 2.5, 4.6, 6.8 (44)

GOALS, South Rovers : Andre Barr 2, Samuel Hyland 2, Tim Cain 2, Darcy Chandler 2, Deaclan Irvine 1, Daniel Clifford 1, Sean Fitzgibbon 1, Josh Brown 1, Benjamin Ryan 1, Haydn Goldsworthy 1 EAST WARRNAMBOOL: Hayden Laird 3, Jeremy Cashill 1, Jesse Cruickshank 1, Benjamin Knight 1

BEST, South Rovers : Daniel Clifford, Tim Cain, Daniel Pender, Darcy Chandler, Matthew Wood, Andre Barr East Warrnambool: Coedie Carter, Jeffrey Vizon, Hayden Laird, Shaun Palmer, Benjamin Knight, Ben Gray MATCH


Dennington 2.2, 6.3, 9.6, 10.8 (68)

Nirranda 2.2, 3.3, 4.3, 5.6 (36)

GOALS, Dennington : Scott Johnson 4, Joel Barclay 3, Jesse Sheen 1, Jackson Parker 1, Clinton Hall 1 Nirranda : Aydin Payne 2, Blake Lane 1, Ben Ludeman 1, Benjamin Young 1

BEST, Dennington : Clinton Hall, Joshua Lock, Jonathon Nevill, Tom Fitzgerald, Christopher Moutray, Michael Phillips Nirranda : Marcus Roberts, Ben Ludeman, Tyler Coates, Timothy Bentley, Riley Dalton, Ronald McKenzie


Allansford 1.2, 5.4, 7.9, 9.11 (65)

Panmure 2.4, 2.4, 3.5, 9.5 (59)

GOALS, Allansford : Mark White 3, Joshua Monaghan 1, Thomas O’Loughlan 1, Sam Byron 1, Jason Trotman 1, Scott Redmond 1, Matthew Spencer 1 Panmure: Isaac Hose 2, Sam Melican 2, Harvey Browne 2, Ashley Caruana 1, William Kelly 1, Marcus Kelly 1

BEST, Allansford : Jason Trotman, Matthew Kelly, Nathan Wilson, Justin Coates, Scott Redmond, Adam Ryan Panmure : Ashley Caruana, Luke Ryan, Dylan Payne, Michael Payne, Nathan Caruana, Harvey Browne


Timboon Demons 7.3, 12.6, 20.16, 30.20 (200)

Russell’s Creek 0.1, 1.2, 1.2, 1.2 (8)

GOALS, Timboon Demons : Neil Gowland 5, Joshua Walker 5, Dylan Smith 3, Paul Fowler 3, Paul Vogels 3, Wes Hollick 2, Samuel Newey 2, Sam Joiner 1, Bill Askew 1, Benjamin Mitchell 1, Luke Smith 1, Jared Beaton 1, Sam Doolan 1, Cody Noonan 1 Russell’s Creek : Brayden Williams 1

BEST, Timboon Demons : Cody Noonan, Paul Vogels, Benjamin Mitchell, Jacob Rhode, Dylan Smith, Luke Smith Russell’s Creek : Connor Dwyer, Lachlan Douglas, Damian Gray, Brayden Williams, Anthony Rook, Bradley Hunt

UNDER 17 1/2s


Merrivale 5.6, 9.13, 13.19, 17.23 (125)

Old Collegians 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)

GOALS, Merrivale : Sam Worden 5, Josh Britton 4, Corey Britton 2, Dylan Lovell 1, Jyron Neave 1, Alex Pulling 1, Oliver Watson 1, Trent Murphy 1, Jeremy Abrahams 1 Old Collegians : BEST, Merrivale : Sam Worden, Corey Britton, Josh Britton, Thomas Lenehan, Trent Murphy, Alex Pulling Old Collegians : Samuel Lee, Tom Giblin, Jacob Malone, Jacob Pope, Zachary Brooks, Dylan Keane


South Rovers 8.7, 15.10, 21.15, 31.15 (201)

East Warrnambool0.0, 0.0, 1.1, 2.1 (13)

GOALS, South Rovers : Isaiah McLeod 10, Jake Butler 5, Luke Ryan 5, Declan Attrill 2, Josh Suggett 2, Matt Dennis 2, Liam Forrester 1, Samuel Wilde 1, Mathew Biggs 1, Billy Hancocks 1, Lachlan Wilde 1

East Warrnambool: Latrell Whitten 2 BEST, South Rovers : Isaiah McLeod, Declan Attrill, Samuel Wilde, Jake Butler, Billy Hancocks, Mathew Biggs East Warrnambool: Luke Featherby, Latrell Whitten, Zac Wackett, Anthony Mifsud, Bailey Leske, Benjamin Hadden


Dennington 4.3, 10.4, 17.11, 20.16 (136)

Nirranda 0.2, 1.3, 1.3, 1.5 (11)

GOALS, Dennington : Jackson Cruickshank 5, Benjamin Fogarty 5, George Serra 2, Jesse Carter 2, Jordan Cruickshank 2, Tom Fitzgerald 1, Marcus Craig 1, Darcy Johnstone 1, Matt Dwyer 1 Nirranda : Liam Wade 1

BEST, Dennington : Jackson Cruickshank, Marcus Craig, Darcy Johnstone, Tom Fitzgerald, Matt Dwyer, Benjamin Fogarty Nirranda : Reagan Nutting, Jarryd Walsh, Dylan Philp, Matthew Watts, Connor Keane, James Stevens


Allansford 3.2, 6.3, 10.4, 10.4 (64)

Panmure 0.2, 2.3, 2.8, 5.14 (44)

GOALS, Allansford : Phillip Chatfield 2, Anthony Walker 2, Jyran Chatfield 2, Jed Katsaros 1, Bradley Edge 1, Brent Fedley 1, Izack Campbell 1 Panmure : Sam James 2, Nicholas Kelly 1, Finn Roche 1, Benjamin Sinnott 1

BEST, Allansford : Blair Oakley, Jordon Ryan, Kc Heremaia, Jed Katsaros, Brady Croft, Tom Curtis Panmure : William Duffus, Sam James, Tom James, Bradley Gedye, Jayden Salmon, Nicholas Kelly


Russell’s Creek 9.5, 18.7, 28.11, 37.14 (236)

Timboon Demons 0.3, 0.3, 0.3, 0.3 (3)

GOALS, Russell’s Creek : William McPhee 13, James Howarth-Green 4, Bradley Hunt 4, Thomas Smith 3, Ashley Rogers 3, Harrison Bond 2, Bill Melican 2, Lucas Mackley 2, Zak Welsford 2, Liam Antonio 2 Timboon Demons :

BEST, Russell’s Creek : William McPhee, Taylem Wason, Ashley Rogers, Liam Antonio, Zak Welsford, Thomas Smith Timboon Demons : Nathan Gillingham, Bayley Thompson, Chet Kensit, Robert Matthews, Ned Dalziel, Benjamin Bacon

UNDER 14 1/2s


Kolora-Noorat 2.1, 3.2, 7.3, 9.4 (58)

Mortlake Junior Sharks 0.1, 0.1, 0.3, 0.4 (4)

GOALS, Kolora-Noorat : Isaac Kenna 4, Luke Justin 1, Thomas Darcy 1, Bailey Kavenagh 1, William Mac Donald 1, Tyler Read 1 Mortlake Junior Sharks :

BEST, Kolora-Noorat : Isaac Kenna, Benjamin O’Sullivan, Nicholas Hoare, Luke Justin, Samuel Darcy, Tyler Read Mortlake Junior Sharks : Isaac Wareham, Lachlan Higginson, Bobby Jamieson, Jackson Boyden, Liam Wass


Merrivale 2.4, 5.7, 6.9, 7.11 (53)

Old Collegians 1.3, 2.4, 4.5, 4.8 (32)

GOALS, Merrivale : Max Lenehan 4, Jye Wilson 1, Connor McLean 1, Benjamin Conboy 1 Old Collegians : Bayley McGowan 1, Darcy Giblin 1, Kenneth Abion 1, Jacob Brooks 1

BEST, Merrivale : Harry Ryan, Alexander Jennings, Connor McLean, Flynn Gurry, Max Lenehan, Bryden Jubb Old Collegians : Jacob Brooks, Bayley McGowan, Kenneth Abion, Darcy Giblin, Thomas Noonan, Jarryd Cust


South Rovers 1.0, 2.4, 4.4, 5.4 (34)

East Warrnambool 1.0, 1.0, 1.1, 2.6 (18)

GOALS, South Rovers : Griffen McLeod 2, Harry Boyd 2, Jack Dowd 1 EWFNC Ryco Bombers : Nicholas Chadderton 1, Dylan Scoble 1

BEST, South Rovers : Harry Boyd, Lachlan Wilde, Griffen McLeod, Harrison Baker, Jack Dowd, Zac Timms. East Warrnambool:Jacob Henderson, Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, Luke Byrne, Nicholas Chadderton, Silver Yousif, Mason Kelly


Dennington 0.1, 3.3, 6.7, 7.9 (51)

Nirranda 0.0, 1.1, 1.1, 4.1 (25)

GOALS, Dennington : Zeb McKenna 2, Mackenzie Creed 1, Tristan Dunn 1, Reggie Barling 1, Jett Bermingham 1, Jack Lock 1 Nirranda : Joshua Folkes 2, Angus Lowe 1, Matthew Watts 1

BEST, Dennington : Tristan Wright, Mackenzie Creed, Jack Lock, Jack Burke, Josh Dwyer, Jett Bermingham Nirranda : Angus Lowe, Isaac Couch, Cody Wagstaff, Mitchell Colson, Toby Nutting


Panmure 3.5, 5.5, 8.7, 12.8 (80)

Allansford 0.1, 2.4, 2.4, 6.4 (40)

GOALS, Panmure : Trae Reeves 6, Izaac Searle 2, Samuel Loveday 1, Declan Bourke 1, Jackson Grundy 1, Dale McDowell 1 Allansford : Jol Katsaros 4, Noah Parsons 2

BEST, Panmure : Trae Reeves, Jesse Cook, Alexander Twaddle, Izaac Searle, Liam Loveday, Jackson Grundy Allansford : Jol Katsaros, Trent Handrick, Bronte Baker, Beau Dignan, Myles McCluggage, Aiden Gordan


Timboon Demons 2.2, 2.4, 3.7, 5.9 (39)

Russell’s Creek 1.1, 2.1, 2.3, 3.6 (24)

GOALS, Timboon Demons : Samuel Lenehan 2, Ben Berry 1, Jordon Fowler 1, Connor Matthew Cardwell 1 Russell’s Creek : Connor Johnson 1, Christopher Robertson 1, Paddy Haberfield 1

BEST, Timboon Demons : Ben Berry, Bayley Kelly, Max Bond, Samuel Lenehan, Zane Field, Connor Matthew Cardwell Russell’s Creek : Paddy Haberfield, Oliver Everall, Nanda Murdila, Christopher Robertson, Aaron Williams, Jude Forthbligh


South Rovers 56 def East Warrnambool24

BEST South Rovers: N Marsden L Pender H Oates

East Warrnambool: T Harradine H Jones C Moloney

Dennington 56 def Nirranda 44

BEST Dennington: R Madden J Haberfield K Burt

Nirranda: J Couch C Bourke L Couch

Allansford 41 def Panmure 35

BEST Allansford: B Foster S Jamieson B Uwland

Panmure: M Kenna E Smith S Haynes

Timboon Demons 38 def Russell’s Creek 28

BEST Timboon Demons: C Marr K Gowland P Hunter

Russell’s Creek: R Cuomo T Robertson T Eccles

Old Collegians 45 def Merrivale 40

BEST Old Collegians: S Ballinger C Arnott S Townsend

Merrivale: K Dobson K Ryan D McInerney

Kolora-Noorat 45 def Deakin Uni Sharks 23

BEST Kolora-Noorat: P Smith C O’Connor T Barbary

Deakin Uni Sharks: E Fowler L Anders E Brown


South Rovers 63 def East Warrnambool22

BEST South Rovers: L Siegle M Whelan C Paulin

East Warrnambool: SGore S Austin N Brown

Dennington 37 def Nirranda 20

BEST Dennington: S Morrison S Negre S Keilar

Nirranda: H Rippon K Wickham R Young

Panmure 33 def Allansford 31

BEST Panmure: S Rea A McGillivray R Grant

Allansford: N Smith S Jewell T Holloway

Timboon Demons 46 def Russell’s Creek 16

BEST Timboon Demons: M Hose B Doolan E Gardner

Russell’s Creek: J Tippett A Williams B O’Brien

Old Collegians 25 def Merrivale 22

BEST Old Collegians: A Arundell L Alderson K Mulgrew

Merrivale: J Brereton J McDonald L Peake

Kolora-Noorat 36 def Deakin Uni Sharks 26

BEST Kolora-Noorat: E Hopkins A Hunger B O’Sullivan

Deakin Uni Sharks: T Wells C Warden-Flood L Hobbs


South Rovers 35 def East Warrnambool16

BEST South Rovers: H Powell J Gleeson E Rose

East Warrnambool: K Harradine S Delany C Byers

Dennington 32 def Nirranda 18

BEST Dennington: T Keane A Smith A Crimmin

Nirranda: S Healey A Wickham M Haberfield

Allansford 32 def Panmure 11

BEST Allansford: C Sheen L Angarano K Schultz

Panmure: C Smith J Taylor E Smith

Timboon Demons 21 def Russell’s Creek 16

BEST Timboon Demons: B Barnewall E Lyne A Lindquist

Russell’s Creek: B Winter M Kelson D Farley

Old Collegians 27 def Merrivale 22

BEST Old Collegians: B Townsend S Van Kempen K Burrows

Merrivale: L Woonton M Gill K Stafford

Kolora-Noorat 44 def Deakin Uni Sharks 20

BEST Kolora-Noorat: M Lee L Hutchins M Farrell

Deakin Uni Sharks: C Sharpley T Hobbs M Campbell


South Rovers 52 def East Warrnambool5

BEST South Rovers: D Timms N Ruane C Mutsaers

East Warrnambool: S Moutray J Ducane

Dennington 40 def Nirranda 22

BEST Dennington: T Purcell C Richardson M Convey

Nirranda: A McCullagh Z Wagstaff H Lowe

Panmure 25 def Allansford 23

BEST Panmure: C Lowe S Melican J Lenehan

Allansford: R Murphy K Bawden H Smith

Russell’s Creek 40 def Timboon Demons 20

BEST Russell’s Creek: E McMahon K McMahon M Melican

Timboon Demons: A Dawson C Dawson T Bentley

Old Collegians 30 def Merrivale 11

BEST Old Collegians: S Adams J Arms E Petera

Merrivale: G Collins M Gill M Netherway

Kolora-Noorat 21 def Mortlake Jnr Sharks 16

BEST Kolora-Noorat: H Justin C O’Brien D Moloney

Mortlake Jnr Sharks: L Stapleton B Harfoot M Goldsworthy


South Rovers 28 def East Warrnambool23

BEST South Rovers: N Farley A Twaddle C Bellman

East Warrnambool: SAustin G Rae L Schrama

Dennington 54 def Nirranda 17

BEST Dennington: B Convey C Doukas Z Fleming

Nirranda: E Addison R Spitse C Walsh

Panmure 17 def Allansford 13

BEST Panmure: M Ugle-Hagan C Lenehan C Benter

Allansford: J Allen G Billings L McDonald

Russell’s Creek 30 def Timboon Demons 28

BEST Russell’s Creek: S Maclarn A Ferguson M Van der Starre

Timboon Demons: M Gale B Ziegelaar J Negrello

Old Collegians 26 def Merrivale 15

BEST Old Collegians: E Arms S Forbes S O’Brien

Merrivale: B Quarrell C Lovell J Netherway

Kolora-Noorat 30 def Mortlake Jnr Sharks 10

BEST Kolora-Noorat: G Vick R Suhan M Kenna

Mortlake Jnr Sharks: C Calvert L Johnson O Anders


East Warrnambool23 def South Rovers 15

BEST East Warrnambool: R Johnstone T Kelly S Morton

South Rovers: M Farley G Maclean I Baker

Dennington 9 def Nirranda 7

BEST Dennington: R Rea R Graham E Collins

Nirranda: M Wallace Steph Jenkins S Walsh

Panmure 29 def Allansford 14

BEST Panmure: J Gedye B Condon E Pattison

Allansford: E Stacey A Stokie N Katsaros

Timboon Demons 27 def Russell’s Creek 15

BEST Timboon Demons: L Bentley K Hunter S Johns

Russell’s Creek: C Sextus R Bilson M Cooke

Old Collegians 27 def Merrivale 10

BEST Old Collegians: V McLaren M Johnson C McKenzie

Merrivale: L Wilson T Cassidy P McInerney

Mortlake Jnr Sharks 30 def Kolora-Noorat 9

BEST Mortlake Jnr Sharks: A Tanner S Goldsworthy M Hetherington

Kolora-Noorat: G Moloney G Harry J Moore

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NRL PHOTOSRaiders rally to down Sea Eagles in Albury

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NRL PHOTOS | Raiders rally to down Sea Eagles in Albury Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Manly Sea Eagles take on Canberra Raiders at Lavington Oval, in Albury. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

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Sarah Blizzard through to semi-finals of Stawell Women’s Gift

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MOVING ON: Ararat’s Sarah Blizzard, pictured with father Neil at last year’s Stawell Gift, was the fastest loser in the heats of the women’s gift on Saturday and advanced to the semi-finals. Picture: PAUL CARRACHERARARAT runner Sarah Blizzard’s bid to go one better than her runner-up finish at last year’s Stawell Women’s Gift is off to a good start.

Blizzard advanced to the semi-finals of the women’s gift despite not winning her heat.

She finished second to Sophia Power in heat 13, which was the fourth-fastest of the 16 women’s heats.

Blizzard, running off 9.5 metres, nearly pipped Power on the line after starting a metre and a half behind her.

Blizzard’stime of 13.544 seconds made her the fastest of the non heat winners, easily sending her through to the semi-finals.

Last year’s women’s gift winner Holly Dobbyn became the first high-profile casualty.

Dobbyn was in the same heat as Blizzard and Power but ran fourth as the backmarker off a 6.5-metre handicap, eliminating her before the semi-finals.

The news was also not good for the Wimmera’s two other competitors in the women’s gift.

Debutant Anna Bush ran fifth in her heat after being given a tough 9.25-metre handicap and did not advance.

Her time was 14.002 seconds.

Crowlands’ Tiffany Boatman also did not make it out of the heats, finishing seventh after running 14.893 seconds.

Women’s drawcard Melissa Breen cruised to victory in the first heat of the day.

Breen looked untroubled as she won in a time of 13.974 seconds, easing off before the finish line.

Women’s gift favourite Grace O’Dwyer was also impressive in her 13.560-second heat win.

Another of the women’s big names, Ella Nelson, had to endure a wait to see if she would run in the semi-final after finishing fourt inher heat.

Her time of 13.675 seconds was good enough to send her through as one of the fastest losers.

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Easter Show, Royal Randwick racing, open air cinemas – victims of Easter long weekend weather

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Wet weather made for a dismal Saturday in Sydney. Photo: Brendon Thorne Wet weather made for a dismal Saturday in Sydney. Photo: Brendon Thorne

Disposable ponchos were the order of the day at a soggy Royal Easter Show on Saturday. Photo: Brendan Esposito

Wet weather made for a dismal Saturday in Sydney. Photo: Brendon Thorne

Wet weather made for a dismal Saturday in Sydney. Photo: Brendon Thorne

Relentless rain caused major disruption to events across Sydney and the state over the long Easter weekend wiping out racing, affecting crowds at the Easter Show and numerous other holiday festivities. Forecasters said 25 mm of rain had fallen by early Saturday afternoon placing it well ahead of some of the worst averages for the whole of Easter.

The first day of The Championships at Royal Randwick was postponed until Monday, costing the industry more than $1 million. It was the first postponement of a Doncaster Mile in its 150-year history. But forecasters say the weather may not be much better then with another front possibly bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms on its way.

But perhaps no one person has been more affected than Australian jockey Corey Brown who will make four flights between Sydney and Singapore in as many nights to contest two races.

After his fruitless arrival in Sydney on Saturday, Brown was due to board a flight on Saturday night to ride at Kanji on Sunday. He will then dash back to Sydney in time for the postponed Championships , but not before an 11th hour sauna session to shed the last bit of weight.

The going on the course was described as “heavy” but there were further concerns about visibility and the safety of racing in misty rain and with mud thrown up by the horses.

Brett de Vine, spokesman for the Australian Turf Club said the postponement presented some problems for catering. Hospitality at ‘Little Sydney’ was to take centre stage with leading venues, China Doll, Chiswick, Icebergs and Gazebo providing fine dining for racegoers.

“There is a big difference between it being called off until Monday and being abandoned,” he said. “That should help in terms of it not being a total write-off. In terms of betting nobody is going to lose any money at all. They will either get a refund or their bets will stand.”

Models Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith found their services were no longer required and Myer, sponsors of fashion stakes at the meeting said it had chosen not to participate in the rescheduled race day on Monday but would be back on track for next Saturday’s Championships Day 2.

At the Easter Show, chief operating officer Michael Collins said some 80 per cent of attractions now take place under cover. The showjumping was cancelled for safety reasons but the rodeo was expected to take place he said.

“Of course it is going to cost money as Mum and Dad say: ‘Let’s just stay at home’. But in the wet weather people go into the pavilions. The number one attraction at the Easter Show is the animals and judging  and that will be even more popular along with showbags and shopping.

“People have got their hats on and their Driza-Bones and their ponchos. The Driza-Bone stand will be doing well as well as those selling umbrellas.”

Open air cinema wasn’t a good business to be in.

“Please be advised that tonight’s session (Fifty Shades of Grey on Saturday) has been cancelled due to bad weather” was posted on the website of the Sydney Open-Air Cinema at Castle Hill which launched its program last week. It’s perhaps not surprising it decided to pull the plug. It’s hard to feel amorous when the seat of your denims are damp and with rain dripping down your décolletage.

Organisers said outdoor screenings can go on with intermittent rain but constant precipitation poses a safety risk and screenings are cancelled and patrons asked to re-book another session.

“Not going ahead is a saving in the movie rights but there is the loss of potential beverage and food sales,” said spokeswoman Rachel Cameron.

The main beneficiary of the rain is expected to be conventional cinemas.

Stephen Howard, spokesman for Event Cinemas, said it was a combination of weather and quality of films that drove audiences.

“Furious 7 launched on Thursday and it is the second week of Cinderella and we are already getting some really good feedback,” he said.

“I am confident it will have been a bumper weekend for Event cinemas – bad weather and great productions equals good attendance.”

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Public asked to help solve body in boot death

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Police want to speak to anybody who saw this car on Thursday. Photo: SuppliedMajor Crime Squad officers are investigating the death of a person whose body was found in the boot of a burnt-out car at Lentara Place, near Rowley Road, in Hilbert on Friday.

Police are treating the death as a possible homicide.

The vehicle, a green 2010 Ford Falcon XR6 sedan, registration number 1DMN260, was known to have been parked at a home at 12 Poad Street, Seville Grove, until about 6:30 Thursday evening.

It had a custom “chameleon” type paint and a loud exhaust.

It is believed that the fire in Hilbert was lit between midnight and 1am, Friday morning.

Police would like to speak to anybody that may have been in the vicinity of 12 Poad Street in Seville Grove, or Rowley Road in Hilbert on Thursday night who might have information that can assist with the investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.  Follow WAtoday on Twitter

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Schoolboy sprinter Jack Hale a gift to the Gift

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Schoolboy sprinter Jack Hale was within the shimmer of a silk from winning his heat at the Stawell Gift but was able nonetheless to advance to the final of the historic race.

The Tasmanian teenager who is the fastest Australian boy under-18 ever, Hale was the back marker of his heat running off 2.25 metres. He ran 12.48s, coming second by .01s, but was allowed to go through to the final as one of the 20 quickest times outside of the heat winners.

“I’m happy it’s a good run, can’t complain,” said Hale who remarkably at 16 was the marquee athlete of the meet.

Running on grass over 120 metres before a full grand stand at Stawell’s Central Park, Hale ran down all but one of the runners in the field. Bikramjeet Singh, who ran off 9.5 metres and so started 7.25 metres ahead of the emerging sprinter, won the heat.

“I just have a bit of trouble relaxing towards the end. When I am about to catch someone I tense up. That’s just me, I tense up and try too hard so I think that is what let me down,” said Hale, the youngest runner in the Gift.

Hale initially was uncertain whether he would get through but said he would be “over the moon” to advance to the final. He was confirmed as a finalist soon after.

“For sure there is improvement there. I just need to relax, don’t get so tight and tense up and try too hard. I need to focus on that 60m to 120m instead of going all out just keep the technique keep going.”

Hale said the professional racing in gifts had benefits for his track racing.

“I enjoy the whole thing of running people down, I have had to do that in a lot of races,” he said.

“I am not the best starter so that is one of my big problems at track running as well I have got to run some big people down, so that’s always good.”

It was a day of teenagers at the Gift with 17-year-old Darcy Roper, who will be with Hale on the Australian team for the World Youth championships in Colombia later in the year, also competing.

Only last weekend Roper came second in the long jump to Robbie Crowther in the open National Titles in Brisbane. Like Hale, he advanced to the semi-finals on time after losing his heat. Roper ran 12.47s off a 5.75m handicap.

Roper borrowed Hale’s blocks when he realised he had forgotten his in the trip down from Queensland.

“Mum lives in Bendigo so I drove across this morning. We forgot my blocks but Jack helped me out,” said Roper who has recorded the longest jump in the world by any under-18 athlete in the last two years when he recently jumped 7.85m.

And 18-year-old Tasmanian year 12 student Jacob Despard won his heat in the sharp time of 12.38s.

Despard said he was inspired by his training partner but also said the realisation they would compete against each other in Stawell meant they kept a bit of distance in the lead-up to the Gift.

“What [Jack Hale] has been able to do has definitely pushed me a lot this season. I wasn’t really that fond of him when he first came out and ran that quick time,” he said laughing. “But we’re pretty good mates actually and I really enjoy him pushing me.

“We’re from the same part of Tasmania. For a while there we were doing one [training] session a week together, but then leading up to Stawell our preparation became a bit different and training together didn’t actually work. But over the pre-season and into next season hopefully we will [train together again].”¶

South Australian Luke Houlihan’s 12.07s run was the fastest qualifier on the day and pushed him into $2 with the bookmakers and outright favourite for the final.

Two other runners, Murray Goodwin and Luke Dunbar came in with quicker times – the pair were the only runners to run sub-12 seconds, but their heats had been hand-timed as the automatic timing mechanism had failed for those heats. Goodwin is $2.50 and Dunbar $4 with the bookmakers.

In the women’s gift, which this year receives equal prizemoney with the men’s event of $40,000 for the winner, Australia’s national record holder, Melissa Breen, won her heat after running off scratch in 13.88s.

Australian Olympic 400m hurdler Lauren Wells and Australia’s national 200m winner Ella Nelson both advanced on time from their heats. Commonwealth games 400m runner Morgan Mitchell also won her heat and is through to Monday’s semi-finals.

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Canberra trainer Nick Olive goes on Easter feed hunt after NSW Country Champs postponement

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Canberra trainer Stephen O’Brien with his horse Rose’s Song. Photo: Rohan ThomsonInstead of an Easter egg hunt, Canberra trainer Nick Olive went looking for feed as Sydney’s rain washed out the inaugural final of the $300,000 NSW Country Championships (1400 metres) at Randwick on Saturday.

The whole meet, including the $3 million Doncaster Mile, was postponed and has been rescheduled to Easter Monday.

Canberra’s three runners – Without A Shadow, Just A Blur and Rose’s Song – are all now in a holding pattern until then with not enough time to be able to fit in an extra track-work session.

Olive took Without A Shadow up the Hume Highway early to settle in, but only took enough feed to last until Saturday.

He spent the day trying to organise extra rations and found an ally in one of racing’s biggest names, Anthony Cummings.

Olive said the daughter of Not A Single Doubt would still run on Monday.

“It’s been a bit of a nightmare today, I’ve been running around trying to buy feed and stuff because I only brought up enough feed to get through until today,” he said.

“Anthony Cummings has helped me out because I’m staying with him. It’s not ideal, our horse is wound up to go today … but everyone’s in the same boat so just got to do the best we can.”

Barbara Joseph and Paul Jones’ Just A Blur was on the float travelling near Marulan when word came through the meet was called off.

Jones said Just A Blur would run on Monday, but plans to back the daughter of Dane Shadow up in next weekend’s $1 million Queen of the Turf Stakes (1600m) at Randwick might have been scuppered.

He said they would probably look towards the listed Wagga Wagga Gold Cup (2000m) on May 1.

“If she ran well today in the first three we were going to back her up the following Saturday to go in that group 1, but those plans are probably on hold now pending how she pulls up and how she runs,” Jones said.

“A heavy 10 run on Monday, it would be very hard to back her up on the Saturday.”

Jones and Joseph also have Because We All Can as an emergency for the race, although she wouldn’t have gotten a run.

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The Championships postponement the right call despite $1 million impact: ATC boss

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Follow SMH Sport on TwitterEaster Show, Royal Randwick racing, open air cinemas – victims of Easter long weekend weather

Australian Turf Club chief executive Darren Pearce believes the right decision was made to postpone the first day of The Championships on Saturday, even though it will cost the industry more than $1 million.

It was the first time a Doncaster Mile has had to be postponed in its 150-year history. The meeting has been transferred to Monday after Racing NSW chief steward Ray Murrihy made the decision to postponed it at 9.30am.

“It is never ideal to make a decision like this, but we are confident of better weather on Monday,” Pearce said. “There are significant financial ramifications, given the corporate bookings and the fact we will not operate Little Sydney on Monday, but most of our bookings have confirmed they will transfer to Monday, if not they will be refunded.”

Pearce admitted betting turnover will not reach the heights it would have on Saturday at the rescheduled meeting.

The TAB refunded early bets on the non-Championships races, but fixed-odds bets on the Country Championship, Sires Produce Stakes, T.J. Smith Stakes, Australian Derby and Doncaster Mile will carry forward to Monday.

A sodden Randwick lay vacant on Saturday after overnight rain made the likelihood of completing the 10-race card remote, especially with the continuing rain through the afternoon.

“We can’t control the weather and although the track surface was good it would have deteriorated quickly with any racing,” Pearce said. “It was better to call the meeting off in the morning than to run three or four races and have to stop then.

“[Chief steward] Ray Murrihy and Lindsay Murphy [ATC racecourses general manger] were of the the opinion after walking the track that with the rain it would be opened up visibly and the surface itself would become an issue.”

All tickets will be able to be used on Monday but those who can’t get to Randwick will be refunded. Little Sydney, a premium experience overlooking the Theatre of the Horse, will not be open on Monday with ticketholders offered a refund or another corporate area that is available.

The Fashions on the Field event will not be run on Monday, instead all prizes will be rolled into one competition on the second day of The Championship next Saturday.

Murrihy had two inspections of the course, the first after a couple of horses worked on the surface at 6am, when it was decided to reassess the conditions of the track at 9am because of the rain and forecast for the afternoon. In that time a further 25 millimetres of rain fell.

“The surface was waterlogged and the radar was horrendous. We might have got through one or two, but to get through 10 races with big fields would have been a miracle, so we will wait for Monday,” Murrihy said.

“It was a tough decision but you would see the difference in the track in that period.”

The roll-on effect of the change to Monday, means Monday’s Warwick Farm meeting will move to Wednesday, while the scheduled Wednesday meeting has been cancelled.

The opening day of The Championship will still be televised live by Channel Seven on Monday. It will be on its main channel in Sydney and Brisbane but on 7mate in Melbourne.  

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Cricket great Alan Davidson says Mitchell Starc is up to a bigger test

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Australia’s greatest left-arm fast bowler Alan Davidson was adamant Mitchell Starc, who was named the best player of the recent World Cup, could be as damaging at Test level if he could get his head around one simple fact.

Davidson, 85, took 186 Test wickets in his 44 Tests between 1953 and 1963, and was described by Cricket NSW chief executive Andrew Jones at Thursday’s Steve Waugh Medal ceremony as being “Mitchell Starc before Mitchell Starc was Mitchell Starc”. He also has monitored Starc’s progress since he joined the Western Suburbs club as a teenager with aspirations to become a wicketkeeper.

While he celebrated Starc’s being named the world’s No.1 one-day bowler after his 22 wicket haul at 10.18 during Australia’s World Cup triumph, Davidson said he would be unstoppable at Test level once he appreciated there was no difference between a white and red ball.

“Mitchell is learning line and length is everything and he’s also bowling full,” said Davidson. “People ask what’s he need to do to take his one-day form into the Test format and my answer is nothing, really. The ball is just a different colour.

“I know he prefers to bowl with a white ball, but I’ve said to Mitchell on numerous occasions it’s the same size, the same weight; it’s only a different coat of paint. He’s a bowler who is six feet six [1.97m], he has a nice rhythm, a good action so there’s no reason why he can’t continue.”

Davidson said Starc’s Test performances would benefit from regular selection in Michael Clarke’s team. He has been in and out of the Test team and while ranked Test cricket’s No.31 bowler Davidson drew on his own experiences to explain why Starc needed a chance.

“We haven’t seen the best of him, he’s a work in progression,” he said. “I go back to my own career, I played in 13 Tests from 1953-57 where I was in and out and you don’t know where you stand, but all of a sudden you get the new ball, you’re not bowling at No.3, 4 or 5 and things change.

“It’s important to know you’re there because you should be. The confidence he’d get from the new ball would give him a lift. Mitchell has shown the consistency [in the shorter-form] to suggest he’ll be as important, and good, for Australia in Tests.”

Nathan Bracken, regarded as the world’s best one-day bowler before he retired in 2010, said his own career of 116 one-day internationals compared with five Tests, indicated for one reason or another some bowlers are not seen to take their form from one format over to the other.

“I think it’s the way the game is structured,” Bracken said. “In one-dayers there’s certain type of batsmen who are more aggressive at times and they’ll play more shots and there’s times when, as a bowler, you’ll be more aggressive and you either bowl to contain or get wickets.

“In Test cricket the batsmen are more aware you’re trying to bowl that one-off, wicket-taking ball that Mitchell Starc is definitely capable of.

“In one-day cricket the batsmen tend to change the strike over, so they’re looking to be more aggressive, they come forward, hit balls into gaps, whereas in Test cricket they’ll sit on you and be patient.”

Bracken agreed with Davidson’s assertion that Starc possessed the tools, the temperament and skills to be a force in the Test arena.

“Of course he can,” said Bracken. “But I think it is important Mitch gets opportunities. The great thing is he’s doing what he is at 25 so that means he has time for the selectors to give him a chance to prove himself and establish himself at Test level.”

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