Midwifery much more about delivering babies

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Midwife Amanda Walpole with one of her charges.
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Midwife Amanda Walpole with one of her charges.

Midwife Amanda Walpole with one of her charges.

Midwife Amanda Walpole says it’s a joy to put a newborn baby on its mother for the first time. But, as somebody who cares for women throughout their pregnancies and after birth, her role is about much more than delivering babies. She remembers helping one new mother, for example, who was so overwhelmed by the prospect of breastfeeding she was ready to abort the endeavour. Walpole says she supported the mother through a few more attempts and it had the desired effect.

“That led to her being a successful breastfeeder,” she says.

“I had time that day to sit down with her and I think that was probably the turning point where she decided she could do it. I think if I wasn’t there or if it had been a really busy shift, she might have just jumped straight to the formula.”

Walpole began as a midwife at Monash Health this year. Currently working at the Monash Medical Centre, she rotates between days in the antenatal clinic, the labour ward and postnatal ward. She says she’s become more confident about the positive difference she can make in the lives of pregnant women as she’s become more experienced.

Delivering babies isn’t as daunting a prospect as it used to be either, she adds.

“Now when I’m there, there is so much you can do and say,” Walpole says. “Whether a woman is able to push the baby out herself or needs help with an instrumental delivery, I feel like I can really help.” After completing a bachelor of nursing and midwifery at Deakin University in 2013, Walpole completed Monash Health’s combined graduate nursing/midwifery program in 2014.

Graduates who complete the year-long program are supported in many ways, including through professional development, de-briefing, orientation and clinical guidance.

Walpole says the transition out of the program is a challenge too.

“I really have to be sure of what I’m doing,” she says. “There are still educators around to talk to but you have done your graduate year and you know the ropes and where things are.” Monash Health offers employee benefits including health and wellbeing programs, a recognition and reward program and salary packaging. Walpole says she would next like to advance her career at Monash by working in a combined nursing/midwifery role.

Having a double degree is already proving valuable, she adds.

“We get a lot of high-risk cases coming into the maternity sector,” says Walpole. “We get women with cardiac issues and other underlying medical conditions.

“You’re using all your midwifery skills but you’re also using your nursing background with some of those women, which I find really helpful.”

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